Over 135 years we’ve connected lives with passion for engineering. Supporting communities to adapt to a changing world. Enhancing society together, with our people and our partners.


Today, we are privileged to celebrate the 135th anniversary of our company. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you for being part of our heritage. Ever since our founding fathers Van Hasselt and De Koning started their first project in 1881, and later Dwars, Heederik and Verhey in 1917, we have been working with great partners and clients like you to enhance the quality of many lives around the world. Today, 135 years later, we pause for a moment to reflect on how our world has changed, and how we together were able to adapt and will be moving forward into the future.

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Chairman Executive Board: Erik Oostwegel

At the start of the twentieth century our founding fathers lived in a society that faced quite different challenges than the ones we are facing today. But were they really different?

As early as 1881, there was already too much or too little water, the urban population was growing which caused an increasing need to transport goods and people via rail and roads. Our ancestors were involved in projects such as dykes, polders, pumping stations and sanitation, as well as bridges and railways. They designed new factories for fast-growing companies.

These engineers saw the challenges that society was facing and saw the related business opportunities. Today’s challenges are undoubtedly bigger and more complex, but our capacity to swiftly adapt and integrate our learnings has also increased.

Resource scarcity and digitalisation are just a few megatrends with an enormous impact on our clients and on our work as engineers. Just like in the early 20th century, we follow them closely and grasp the opportunities they offer. With an enormous pressure on the use of fossil fuels, bigger need for renewable energy, speed of digitisation, increase in transparency, and growing needs for transport by air, road, rail and water.

We have to ask ourselves the business question: how do we accelerate growth? And how can we develop a climate in which all stakeholders become winners? For me, that is the true definition of doing sustainable business.

Sustainable business requires a holistic approach that helps us to move societies and businesses alike to move forward. Whether that’s by developing an app that warns local inhabitants on floods or drought, guiding a smooth integration of smart traffic, including self-driving cars, or whether it’s through participating in The Ocean Cleanup. We offer integrated solutions that address all elements of sustainability; financially, socially and for the environment.

We are connected by the passion to engineer solutions that go beyond the original brief. Hence, my gratitude to all employees at Royal HaskoningDHV and to our valued clients, partners and relationships over the years. Also like to thank all who participated in our recent client survey. Your feedback will make our partnership even stronger. Let us together celebrate 135 years of enhancing society together.

We ask ourselves and our clients 4 Questions in every project


Does the output meet the requirements of most stakeholders involved?
What is really at stake for our stakeholders? Mutual engagement, and in depth understanding of the needs of all parties involved are key for positive results.


Is the result lasting, is it future proof?
Creating adaptive, time proof solutions means to collaborate with the change factor. By foreseeing changes, influencing changes and participating in changes our solutions connect lives over lifetimes.

Does the output serve additional added value for the client and society as a whole?
The solutions in mind are not always the answers to the problems involved. Adding value and new opportunities in social, economic and ecological contexts starts with evaluating each problem behind every request.

Can we meet the client’s demand while using a minimum of natural resources and energy?
Prioritising resource efficiency. In creating solutions that aim to close the gaps of waste, while positively influencing the life cycle impact.

‘Royal HaskoningDHV improves financial performance in first half 2016, reporting strongly improved profitability’

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